5 Tips to turn writing an App Description into a Piece of Cake

5 Tips to turn writing an App Description into a Piece of Cake

If you are reading this article then it means you have just finished a great app and want its rank to shine in the app ranking. So, let me start by congratulating you for finishing your app. If you want people to download your app, then you need to know something. They would like you to tell them what this app is about. No one would like to download an app to check what it can do, except for those who suffer from severe time wasting conditions.  Writing a good description for your app is neither easy nor hard, like relationships are neither honey nor bitter. You wonder how to deal with that! Simple enough, keep reading.

  • Use your app

You may think I’m kidding you but no, I’m not. Spending time with your first little beloved baby will give you the ability to understand it better and love it more, even if it is of your own creation. Use all the options in it. Once you’ve started feeling that all the app options are conventional for your life, you can start writing about it.

  • Remember

You have to remember why you made this app in the first place. Remember the problem you wanted to help people with. Remember that justice, morality, liberty and your app should live forever. The dream of immortality could be attained through giving your app a description that you write with your heart.

  • What is new?

Would you ever find your friend in a relationship with someone who makes the same mistakes that ruined the relationship with his/her ex? Of course no, you wouldn’t. People don’t like having the same troubling thing. Apps are just the same. Your app must have something new that no other app of the same category has before. Tell about that in your description. Tell if it’s faster, more accurate, funnier or have a combination of options that no other app had before.

  • The magic of simplicity

You remember your feeling when your French teacher asked you a question in words that you never understood! Well, don’t let people get the same feeling about you. They are not searching for some Shakespearian poem, but for simple description. Make sure your description is clear and simple before posting it.

  • Get some feedback

As Darwin told the whole world once, if you are not developing then you are in the process of Extinction. Your app and its description should be in continues development. Ask friends to help you with that. Also give some of your time to read the reviews on your app. Remember, those reviews are from the people using your app and peoples’ reviews have great impact on the app store rankings.