Importance of preventative dentistry

Importance of preventative dentistry

Preventative dentistry involves visiting your Burnaby dentist regularly and maintaining a healthy oral chart. By keeping yourself in a routine with such dentistry, you are able to prevent several problems like enamel damage, gum diseases, cavities and more. Regularly visiting your dentist for specialized care is the key to maintaining your teeth health.

What does it involve?

The activities involved in preventative dentistry include:

–    Brushing your teeth every day

–    Gargling

–    Flossing

–    Eating healthy and natural

–    Paying regular visits to your dentist

Brushing teeth

The majority of us believe that brushing is only important in the morning and before sleeping. But according to a recent report research by the specialists of Burnaby provided that brushing is significant after every meal. It may seem strange but out of the many important items we keep in the bag, a toothbrush and toothpaste should be a must. It is recommended at least brush three times a day. Even if you don’t want to use toothpaste, dry brushing can also help you prevent harmful bacteria.


Flossing is an absolutely essential part of your dental health. It helps us get rid of the food particles stuck in the close spaces between our teeth. Ensure that you are flossing the right way. Your dentist can help you learn more about the right method of flossing.

Eat healthy

We think that our stomach suffers the most by what we eat- but it is actually our mouth that suffers the most. The food we eat is first processed and broken down in our mouth. By ensuring that you eat healthily you can prevent bacteria and harmful chemical compounds from damaging your gums and teeth. Avoiding eating sweets, chocolates, food that sticks to your teeth and processed food that is rich in acidic components.

Visit your dentist

Paying regular visits to your dentist is important. Visit your dentist after every 6 months to ensure that your teeth are in good health. Get rid of plaque and infections at an early age to prevent the obliteration of gums and teeth. Your dentist would also take an X-ray of your teeth to see if there is any possible to the teeth.


By regularly maintaining your preventative dentistry, you can effectively keep your teeth in a good health. Prevent yourself from the trouble of developing different kinds of oral health problems. Maintain a good hygiene and keep consulting your Burnaby dentist.