Tech reviews for 360fly 4k

According to tech editors review, the best features that make the 360fly 4k unique and stand out from the other available 360 degree cameras is that it is a water-resistant, dust- and shockproof 360-degree camera. It comes with a standard and easy-to-use tripod mount, 64GB of internal storage (which is the largest storage capacity of any 360-degree camera on the market today). It also has a single button for power and recording. The mobile app makes it very easy to capture, edit and share your 360-degree movies with your friends on YouTube and Facebook. Some of the outstanding features of the 360fly 4k include:


The 360fly 4k is best described as “8-ball meets Dungeons & Dragons dice”. Controlling the all-black multifaceted 360fly 4k is very simple because it has only one control button. By press holding the button, the camera turns on or off, and it vibrates in acknowledgement while coming on. To also start and stop recording, all you need do is press the button again. It has two LED screens that change color from blue to red when you start recording. It’s a clear visual indicator, and is bright enough to enable you see the color change even in the sunlight. However, you should remember that the 360fly 4K there is no way to change the 64GB of storage, nor can you change the battery. So once you run out of charge, you have to wait until the camera recharges through its cradle. The 360fly 4K is waterproof to only 30 feet, in contrast to the non-4K version of the 360fly which is waterproof to 130 feet. This however is still enough for most under water users.


Since they 360fly believes that no one wants to record his or her feet, the 360fly 4K has a single lens on its top, allowing you to capture 360 degrees horizontally and 240 degrees vertically. The audio quality of the 360fly 4k two microphones pick up voices very well, no matter the location (a user has reported good audio quality even in the middle of a downpour.

App and Sharing

With the 360fly 4k mobile app, you have the most full-featured mobile app of any 360-degree camera available, because it is available for Android, iOS, Mac and Windows users. With the 360fly 4k mobile app, you can upload videos directly to YouTube, properly formatting the videos in the process.