Things marketers should know about beacons technology

In time past around 1900, people at that time lived in the manufacturing age where it was notable for mass industrialization. The age of distribution came in the 60’s which transformed the connection processes like transportation. In the 90’s the information age, which brought connection with various supply chains. In 2010 it was declared that we are in the customer age which brings a new level of demand obsession by customers

The beacons technology facilitates the communication between clients and their marketers using the physical locations of their customers. The challenges of this technology might be the complexity and the know-how behind the setting up of this small Bluetooth technology. I will run through the things you need to know about Beacon technology.


  • Do marketing and sales need beacon?

Beacons can assist marketers to gain more details of their customer’s insight for their products. For instance, when an iBeacon Bluetooth technology platform is in a store, The owner of the warehouse can get a better understanding of how much time a customer spend in the store compared to the time they spend in another store (a competitor’s store). This helps retailer to focus more on the lagging products in his store. Marketers can use iBeacon to increase their customer loyalty by appreciating them as they are walking into the warehouse. Customers are more likely to open the message sent using iBeacon; this increases the open rate of the transmitted messages of the geo-targets (customers) by over 14 percent.

  • What are the problem marketers face using beacon

Managing the network of beacons can be very challenging one. Many of this beacon like Eddystone cannot cover large distance location. Their maximum range is just 70m, so there is difficulty in locating things outside the range.  They are not very costly to afford because Beacon is a new technology which has just strung into the market. The implementation process of setting up and updates make them expensive. Also when using beacon technology from multiple vendors can increase the cost exponentially during the installations, upgrades, and maintenance for the various Bluetooth beacon technology platform. Heatmapper Bluetooth platform allows the only ‘GIF’ formats for its images which are because of the Tcl-language. The only way to get the picture in jpg or png format is to screenshot the graph from the heat mapper and then save the graph as a picture.